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soapyjohnsontwit_128Asked if I’d been writing, all I could say was … emails, nothing more.  A kind of polished something — entertaining, possibly had a point. It became an outlet.

 The sequel to “Midnight Train to Georgia” opens back east …

A man stung by Hollywood, fails to turn passion into reward. It all proved too much for the man.

Comforted by the notion, his Gladys would rather live in his world than in hers without him — he’ll always covet a brighter “something” that turned grey the moment he boarded that $%@ train. Every f-ing peep from those f-ing Pips, a reminder that he failed.

(a superstar, but he didn’t get far)

Go to hell, Pips. Go to hell.

One tired Georgia afternoon, he grabs a pizza after work — gets someone else’s order or the wrong toppings or something’s not right, it doesn’t matter. Suddenly, everything is not okay. Frustration of leaving the dream behind and that long train ride of shame, an eruption. He snaps, laying waste to an entire community. By time he’s captured, only one of the three Pips have been located safely.

The pizza order, turns out, was correct. It really wasn’t about that.

Enter the internet …

Build an alternative to email and Twitter — “Two Dudes, Q&A” and The Twitter Collection” led to the creation of the site.

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