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March – Janna Breslin

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Presenting Miss March, Janna Breslin

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Janna Breslin is a professional model, Certified Nutritional Therapist, and NASM certified personal trainer who started her modeling career in 2008. Based in San Diego, she’s also a fitness magazine cover model, competed in National Physique Committee competitions (winning six times in the bikini division) and is the reigning Fitness Gurls “Physique of the the Year.” She’s also co-owner of ANIbikinis, which produces flattering swimwear that is both stylish and sexy and is 100% made and designed in the USA.

“My most important tips for looking fit and being genuinely healthy all year round is to be consistent with training but the most important part is nutrition. Once you are nourished on a cellular level, then you can’t help but obtain a healthy outside appearance.”

A majority of her time is spent listening to alternative medicine webinars to gather the newest and most up to date information to share with family, friends, and clients. “Having high expectations and goals for myself have pushed me to be a hard worker while encouraging others around me to do the same. I am collaborative team player and a positive communicator that works hard to bring the highest contentment to clients because I truly love helping people.”

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